Live Performances by NY Bodypainter Trina Merry

Merry blurs the lines between performance, installation & painting with these live works. 

These pieces were created for museums, galleries, & art events (some commissioned, some had grants and others were self-funded as part of her personal exhibitions).  Locations included: Whitney Museum of American Art, Robert Wilson's Watermill Center, San Jose Museum of Art, El Segundo Museum of Art, SOMarts, WORKS San Jose, SubZERO Festival, San Jose Convention Center, Grauman's Chinese Theater, Phantom Galleries, Con Artist Gallery, Lemon Frame Gallery, Cinequest Film Festival & more.  Whether creating a museum experience to re-invigorate relevance and draw in younger collectors, putting a custom painted shadowbox or action painting in a window, or creating dynamic in-your-face performance on the streets, Merry brings an elevated art experience that imprints & is remembered years after her performances.

Objectified Artist Statement: "Do the living spaces that surround us own us or do we own them? What is all this stuff in my living space and why do I choose these material items? This series explores the cohesive relationship built between animate and inanimate objects in the home."

("Objectified" works created in collaboration by Trina Merry and Teresa Because.  All other works created by Trina Merry and sometimes in collaboration with her former team "ART ALIVE")