"Happy Little Trees", a body painting homage to Bob Ross by NY Artist Trina Merry

Following the inauguration and all the chaotic social media chatter, Merry turned to the most peaceful man she could imagine- her latch key babysitter, Bob Ross! In a true New York winter experience, she binge watched all 52 of the “Joy of Painting” episodes available on Netflix, performing several of the works live on Facebook and Instagram. What was discovered was one woman's way to travel through the division as a country by creating a visual dialogue.

"So many of the disagreements between the red and blue states are because the issues are on the front door steps of the blue states. So I thought, what if I took these contemporary areas of debate- the things I was seeing on the street of New York City and in the newspapers- directly to the little cabin in the woods? This is a series as soft spoken as Bob Ross himself and one way I’ve approached the election with humor and gentleness." -Trina Merry