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About Trina Merry

When Trina Merry was struck by lightning in Hollywood, it altered the course of her life. Everything turned white and there was a loud buzzing sound as the lighting filled her car.  The most incredible aching sensation shot through her bones.  Suffering from continuous a painful ache in her bones whenever she was near power lines or any electrical wires, she escaped to the sheltering forest of Yosemite National Park hoping for reprieve. She spent a year painting by a little stream where she made friends with the local deer.

It was during this time that she had a few glasses of absinthe with Amanda Palmer (the Dresden Dolls, TED Talks). Palmer encouraged Trina to stand onstage and get body painted with the Dolls opening act- an Australian synesthesia art rock band called “The Red Paintings”. While wearing a silver mask that shot laser beams out into the audience, she experienced complete strangers painting her body with brightly colored space toys. Something sparked: Art had a heart beat. Art could be vulnerable. Art was… happening.                

Representation: Angela De Bona Agency

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